RTD2Farm Consortium

The RTD2Farm project brings together a team of highly-experienced organisations playing key roles in the field of KBBE technology transfer and dissemination of European research. The consortium was selected for its mutual complementarities in scientific and other expertise of the individual partners, like facilities for research and technology transfer. This way, the consortium is composed of 4 RTD providers, 4 research and technology transfer experts as well as 3 end user organisations. This results in an ideal mix of partners for this kind of project.

The RTD2Farm consortium is inspired by the principle of complementarily among its partners and is based on a balanced contribution of experiences and know-how from mainly three different sources:

  • Knowledge generating organisations.

The Veterinary University of Vienna, Italian CRPA (Research Centre on Animal Productions), Belgian Nutrition Sciences, a company of the Vitamex group that specialises on nutrition issues and the usage of new technologies in livestock production and RattleRow Seghers (BE), a pig breeding company providing relevant know-how in pig genetics.

  • Technology Transfer experts and innovation actors.

These are three SMEs from Austria (LVA, EUTEMA and RTDS) and one from Italy (ENCO). While LVA focuses on food analysis and compliance with food related regulations, ENCO brings in experience on agricultural and farming supply chains, especially in the optimisation of processes for small business.

  • End users representatives.

VOS, the Austrian Association of Pig farmers, VEVA (Belgian Association of Pig farmers) and Campo Bo' Societa Semplice Agricola, an Italian small-medium size producer.

More information on the RTD2Farm partners can be found here -- LINK to project partners