Campo Bò SS

Campo Bò ss, is a closed cycle pig farm specialized in the production of heavy pigs of 160 kg of liveweight whose hams are addressed to the Parma ham chain. In the main farm centre 750 sows are reared to get an annual production of 17.000 pigs which are finished in 6 separate fattening farms all sited in the territory of the province of Parma.

The farm also is the owner of the ham processing plant “Prosciuttificio San Michele” in which all the hams of pigs produced by Campo Bò are processed and cured.

In last 20 years Campo Bò have been collaborating with CRPA within several research activities in the following different fields:  swine nutrition,  pork meat quality,  innovative housing systems,  manure management,  biogas production,  electricity consumption of pig farm.

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