Nutrition Sciences N.V.

Nutrition Sciences N.V. is a Belgian private company (11 collaborators) belonging to the Vitamex-group (+- 400 collaborators) and is well known for its basic and applied R&D activities in animal sciences and spends much attention to the introduction of new technologies in the EU livestock production. Nutrition Sciences N.V. transfers know how - generated in different kinds of national and EU research projects - towards the European feed industry. 

Actually, the work done by Nutrition Sciences N.V. was the basis for different successful innovations and resulted for the Vitamex group in 2009 as one of the 4 laureates for “Enterprise of the year 2009” in Belgium, based on its innovation power, internationalisation and entrepreneurship. 

Some novel bioactive vegetable extracts were developed and disseminated towards EU feed industry. Nutrition Sciences N.V. has access to an extended R&D network in the EU27 and has experience with (international) training activities.


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