Rattlerow Seghers

Rattlerow Seghers is a Belgian pig breeding company. Rattlerow Seghers is specialized in breeding and supply of innovative pig genetics, which bring a high added value, enabling our partners the production of the desired end product at the lowest cost with the best quality Over 40 years of experience in applied pig genetics has created two prolific breeding gilts and five specialized terminal sires, to meet today‟s efficient pig production requirements. 

These products are used throughout the world in pig farms where they guarantee the most efficient lean meat production. Rattlerow Seghers operates from offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, and China. With distributors and agents in over 20 countries, Rattlerow Seghers is a sound and reliable partner for rapid genetic improvement. Besides products coming from their own nucleus farms, 

Rattlerow Seghers can draw on the additional nucleus production from Rattlerow Farms in UK with which Rattlerow Seghers has long term collaboration. Rattlerow Seghers maintains a high health program to safeguard both pig breeders and integrations.

Website: http://www.ra-se.com

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