Summary Workshop Italy

The national workshop in Italy was organised in Reggio Emilia on November 16th. The workshop dealt with sustainability issues for the Italian pig industry. In the first part of the workshop, two speakers presented the current situation of the pig farm economic perfomances and to the implementation of EU rules for environment protection, that are two very crucial issues for Italian pig farmers nowadays. In the second part of the workshop open discussion sessions have been organised dealing with pig nutrition, genetics and farm management. A number of innovation needs emerged from the discussion and the questionnaire filled in by the participants.

The most important ones dealt with the formulation and standardization of pig diets according to  PDO rules (e.g. Parma ham Consortium), the genetic uniformity of meat and carcass quality of heavy pigs for Parma ham, the carcass valorisation options, the quality of technical advice for renovation of housing systems according to animal welfare and environment protection EU rules, the quality and the availability of training courses for managers and workers of pig farms, the  information about consumer purchasing behaviour and the data collection about performances and economics of Italian pig farms. Finally most participants showed a positive approch to the initiative and asked for being informed about further activities of RTD2Farm and for promotion of recurrent meetings and round tables to monitor and discuss technical and economic data collection.