RTD2Farm articles

You can find selected articles and an information on a survey "knowledge- and technology transfer in the pig sector" on the RTD2Farm website. Link to articles.

RTD2Farm Flyers

A new flyer has been designed. You can download this new flyer here.

RTD2Farm Training Workshops

Workshops took place in three different countries and brought together those who are in need of innovation in the field of pig production with the owners of knowledge that might help. Three workshops have been held in 2011 in Austria, Italy and Belgium. You can find summaries to these workshops here.

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About RTD2

Project Activities

Knowledge Transfer

Project Partners

Here you can find an overview of the project RTD2Farm. It describes main goals and objectives and the expected results during the 24 months of the project lifetime. 
The project activities are broken down into workpackages and tasks which are described here. You will also find here an overview of the main deliverables.
One main goal is the knowledge transfer from science to farmers and applying these research results into practice. Specific training sessions will be organised to anhance the uptake of new knowledge.
RTD2Farm is an EU FP7 project where 11 organisations from all over Europe are working together. This section will give you an overview of the main expertises of these partners.
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